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Our goal at Elizabeth Township Family Dentistry is to stay on the leading edge of dental advances and bring technology into our practice when we know it will benefit our patients in some way. Please take a moment to browse through the technology we currently offer and learn how it contributes to a comfortable, stress-free experience.

Low-Dose 3-D Cone Beam CT Scans

A 3-D CT scan is a type of radiographic image dentists use to see your entire mouth and jaw. The details obtained with this type of imaging are invaluable when an expanded  3-D view of soft tissue, bone structure, and nerve pathways is necessary for planning more invasive treatment like dental implant placement.

At Elizabeth Township Family Dentistry, we use low-dose green CT technology. This type of scan combines higher-quality images with lower radiation. When used with advanced imaging processing software, the images are available for instant analysis of multiple views of the mouth. Other benefits of using green 3-D CT imaging technology are:

  • Low-dose radiation
  • Safe for use with children
  • Faster, more comfortable collection of x-rays
  • Advanced imaging for high-quality, high-resolution results
  • Green CTs use safer material with less impact on the environment
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Intraoral Cameras

Our intraoral cameras that help us detect problems and educate you about your oral health go hand-in-hand with digital dental x-rays. Using an intraoral camera, our dentists can see a highly detailed, close-up view of the inside of your mouth, including your teeth and gums.

Intraoral cameras give you a view of your teeth that you’ve probably never seen before. You have a front-row seat at your dental exam, and you see the same thing your dentist sees. A tiny handheld digital camera illuminates your mouth, and as our dentists move it over your teeth, you can view the real-time images on your chairside monitor.

As you look at the images together, our dentists can show you the actual cavity or gum disease and how it’s impacting your oral health. Seeing is believing and helps you understand why we recommend treatment and empowering you to make confident and informed decisions about your dental treatment.

Your intraoral images are stored securely in your digital patient record and are always available for review by our dentists or to send to insurance companies or specialists. 


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Electric Handpieces

Dental anxiety is common, and many patients say that the sound of a dental drill fills them with dread. At Elizabeth Township Family Dentistry, we're always looking for ways to improve our patients' experience with us.

We've eliminated one such trigger by switching from air-driven instruments to electric handpieces to provide a more comfortable, less stressful procedure. In addition, the design of electric handpieces eliminates the high-pitched whining sound of an air-driven instrument, making them quieter and producing noticeably less vibration for the patient.

An essential device used by dentists every day, the handpiece enhances the efficiency of dental tasks like removing decay, polishing fillings, and performing cosmetic dentistry.

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Rotary Endodontics

If you require root canal treatment, rotary endodontic technology is your new best friend! With rotary endodontics, we can take a procedure that no one likes and make it significantly more efficient and comfortable.

With rotary endodontics, we do away with the laborious task of cleaning out root canals with manual steel files. Instead, this technology uses a flexible nickel-titanium tip that does a more efficient job of reaching deep into the root canal and ensuring that every trace of infection is removed. It also eliminates the uncomfortable sensations produced by working manually.

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Digital Records

We strive to make your appointments efficient, comfortable, and stress-free from the moment you arrive at our dental office. Digital records help streamline your experience because all of your information is stored safely on our secure in-house network.

Everyone on your dental team can access your history at the touch of a button, saving time looking for files and ensuring that we provide the safest, most appropriate treatment. 

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Digital X-Rays

We use digital x-rays because they minimize our patients’ radiation exposure by as much as 80 percent compared to film x-rays used in the past. The images produced are digital, so we can manipulate them in any way we want, making it easier for the patient to follow along while we diagnose conditions like cavities and gum disease.

Our dentists can zoom in or out on the x-ray or rotate and enlarge it, which allows the patient to see what we see. We then use the x-rays to show you why we recommend dental treatment and how it will resolve your issue.

Over time, your digital x-rays become part of an ongoing record of your oral health that our dentists can easily refer to as needed.

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